You have applied for so many jobs and finally you are invited for an interview. You also know that you have to be at your best and that is where making a good first impression comes in. Having done your homework well and prepared yourself for the meeting, all you need to do now is to dress well and approach the hiring managers with confidence.

So what are you going to wear?

Dress official to your interview instead Of your jeans and T-shirt even if the company you are meeting with is trendy and casual. Remember that interviews give a first impression which means that the interviewing panel will judge you by what you wear. You must therefore dress to look like you can really do the job or you really want the job.

Always keep in mind that inappropriate attire can distract you and the interviewer from focusing on the main reason you are there: it would be better if you avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or crazy fashion designs. Also, if you wear clothes that are too revealing, the interviewer might not be able to concentrate on the interview.  So ensure that the meeting will go on smoothly by dressing appropriately.

You can choose your clothes depending on the type of organization you are interviewing with.  For example, the dress code at a law firm is more formal than that of a technological firm.

Before the D-Day arrives, make sure that the clothes that you are going to wear are clean and ironed. Do small repairs on them if need be because showing up for an interview with torn clothes will spoil your image. Stains, rips and wrinkles might give the hiring manager the impression that you are careless and untidy. Also make sure that your clothes fit well and that they have all the buttons. Your shoes should also be clean, polished and appropriate.

For ladies, always choose comfort over fashion when deciding what to wear for an interview.  This is because when you are physically uncomfortable, it’s difficult to project the best image and concentrate on the questions you’re being asked.

 When it comes to accessorizing, choose a simple, conservative tie and belt, and keep jewelry understated and to a minimum. Your handbag, folder or any other thing that you might use to carry your documents must be clean and in good condition. Avoid carrying old, discolored or torn bags.    

Make sure your hair is neatly styled, your nails are clipped and clean, and your makeup is minimal and conservative. Also, avoid using too much perfumes as many people have allergies or get headaches from strong scent. Remember to brush your teeth too.

Finally, before walking into the company's office, step into the restroom and check out your look in the mirror. Is your hair in order? Is your tie straight? Do you have any food stuck in your teeth? Making sure you are looking sharp will help you do your best during the job interview.

At Brites Management Services-the Best Recruitment Agency in Nairobi, Kenya;

We give coaching on how to dress in interview- cloths, accessories, make up etc. We also coach on the best body language in an interview and how to win for yourself and get the job. Dress the part and become part of the team.


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