Recruitment agencies can play a critical role in helping companies find talents. Recruitment Company is any external search firm that earns a fee for making a placement with a company.

Brites Management Services is one such recruitment agency in Nairobi, Kenya we offer both Recruitment services and Headhunting services.

Since recruiters at external firms are specialized and experts in recruitment, they tend to work fewer assignments and their compensation is based on their results. This is a huge advantage when it comes to representing stronger candidates and best talents in the market.

Brites Management is the most reliable recruitment consultants in Nairobi, Kenya. We constitute the best of all the recruitment companies in Kenya, and Africa.

Recruitment firms cover both active and passive talent market and can help raise the overall quality level of every new hire.

At Brites Management, we are able to attract both active and passive job seekers, pre-interview them, conduct reference checks and present them to our clients. Sometimes we present a few of our best candidates to our clients to compare with their database.

Recruiting firms have the time to enhance their search skills. In this case you’ll see and hire stronger people. 

The recruitment experts at Brites Management take time to invest in passive candidates’ recruitment. They have exceptional recruiting skills in dealing with passive candidates. They appeal to such candidates and bring them onboard. This has led to our clients hiring the best talents in the market.




Recruiting agencies have a database of the best talents

At Brites, we encourage best and experienced candidates to register with our database. Most Top passive candidates, especially those with three or more years of experience, seek out the best third-party recruiters to keep them aware of opportunities at different companies.


Recruitment companies have deep networks to find talent fast.

Don’t struggle with your recruitment needs. At Brites we have built very strong networks and referrals. This has given us speed advantage and allows us to find top people quickly. We do placements for all career levels, i.e. entry level, mid-level and senior level.

At Brites Management we understand real job needs, so you’ll hire people who can hit the ground running.

Part of being a strong third-party recruiter, is understanding the real job needs, as well as the hiring manager’s needs. At Brites our recruitment experts are well experienced and are able to source high potential and diverse candidates.

Recruitment firms have more time to source passive candidates.

Convincing a person who’s not looking to consider an opportunity takes more time than recruiting someone who is anxious to leave. At Brites Management Services recruiters spend the bulk of their time sourcing for passive candidates. They spend 80-90% of their time networking and recruiting passive candidates.

We work closely with Hiring Managers

At Brites our Recruiters work more closely and more often with the same hiring managers. This develops trust and an understanding of their company’s staffing needs, recruitment culture and manpower forecasting.

Recruitment firms are more consultative than transactional therefore their candidates take the job for the right reasons.

At Brites we are focused at having candidates understand the long-term career opportunities that come with a new job offer. While this takes more time for the recruiter, it ensures that the hire will be more successful in the long run because the offer is accepted based on actual job needs and the upside growth opportunity, not just the size of the compensation package.


Using a high-quality recruiting firm that meets the above criteria should be part of every company’s talent acquisition program. Therefore if searching for the best recruitment/ hiring firm and a long term business partner in Nairobi, Kenya. Look no further.


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